We Love Not Having a Seat at the Table

Given this is my first post, it needs to be said that I have no idea what I am doing.  I have never created a webpage before, don’t know HTML to make this look pretty, but I am doing this anyway. The reason – is that I am tired of being stuck and seeing a whole profession in the same position.

For decades, we have been asking the same questions within the Procurement profession.

“Why can’t we get a seat at the table?”
“How do we get more spend under management?”
“How do I get access to better data and insights?”
“How do we deal with the millennials?”

Every conference, most every blog and article – it is like we are on a constant rinse and repeat cycle.

Now, there are those rare unicorns.  Those who are unthinking Procurement, forging their own path and creating success.  But, when those unicorns are regarded as myths or legends, it is proving that most of the profession is stuck.

Therefore, on these Saturday morning posts, I will be exploring how to get Procurement Unstuck.

As being stuck is not where we want to be – or is it?  My challenge to you is that I think the vast majority of us like being stuck.  We like the comfort in the regular routine, what is known.  We like the comfort in asking the same questions just to know we have a common connection.  In fact, at a recent conference, something strange occurred.  There was an outsider.  Someone who was new to the profession, but not to his career; He was not educated in the way “we” do things.  Believe it or not, he was challenging the line of questioning and the solutions being provided by the speakers in an effort to learn and discuss.  AND HE WAS REVILED.  There were darting looks, eye rolls, murmurs.

So, which person are you?  For the ideas shared here will need to be actioned by eager, unicorns.  Those who are willing to shout from the mountain tops that enough is enough.  Those who are willing to think differently, frame the questions differently, teach and mentor others to do the same.  Someone who for awhile might be the only voice speaking up that will need to take the murmurs as another stripe on their way to something revolutionary.


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