How to Deal with Millennials

This was a question that was echoing through the hallways at a recent event that I attended.  How do we deal with Millennials?  It made my ears perk up, because if people are using the word “deal”, it is usually not a good situation.  Granted, I am considered one of those people that is being dealt with, but maybe, just maybe, we are looking at the situation incorrectly.

All of us within Procurement are looking for great talent.  Hopefully, talent that can help Procurement get unstuck.  More and more, this talent includes Millennials.   In fact, some companies at this point might have Millennials hiring talent.

But, we should also be looking for ideas, perspectives, challenging inquiries, various experiences, different strengths in that talent.  We should be, and hopefully are, looking for diverse talent.  And, if we seek diversity of thought and backgrounds, then we will be inclusive.

So, why, if we are seeking this diversity and we are being inclusive, should we be questioning how to deal with Millennials?   Yes, as a group, we are unique.  We are challenging norms, bringing different perspectives, and bringing a lot of strengths to the table.   We are different, but shouldn’t in that difference, even more greatness be created?

We are always taught that your employees should reflect your customers.  For your employees should be thinking and acting like your customers, to build a stronger connection.

Therefore, this week, let’s go in with eyes wide open.  Understand whether your talent is reflecting your customer.  Seek differences.  Seek strengths.  Seek to be taught by someone who has a different point of view.  Let’s welcome with open arms because that is what creates greatness.  And within Procurement, we need greatness.



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