That Little Voice in Your Head is Your Anchor

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2016 was an amazing year for all of you and 2017 is going to break barriers.

You might be wondering why this blog went silent for over a month.  It was because I was relaxing in a cabana, somewhere warm, sipping on a sugary, rum drink for several weeks…..Ummmm, nope, that is not true.  I was doing something equally amazing, but not as comfortable.

I received a call in mid November to help with a complex, urgent project that was critical to the success of the company – and it was outside of my role description.  It was a crazy, intense, life changing experience since November, and it scared the crap out of me at the same time.

Some might look at those experiences as painful, long, tiring, stressful – complaining the whole way – and never seeing the opportunity.  However, that is such a miss. The mission of this blog is to help Procurement professionals to get unstuck.  There will only be ONE of you in this world in all eternity, ever.  (Think about that for awhile.) You are a unique gift to the world.  You are a unicorn.  It is time to realize that every experience and every call to action is a time to shine and to stretch into something better.

Why was this experience life changing and amazing?  It provided the opportunity to get out of my daily routine, to meet and lead all kinds of super talented people, to learn more about the company, to solve crazy, complicated process issues, to plan for now and the future, to forge relationships that I will have forever.  It also helped me understand that I can successfully step up into a role that scared me.

So often, we seek our routines and rely on our beliefs that we think are true about yourself, your company, your expertise.  You allow the little voice in your head to rule your world.  Opportunities like this allow you to breakthrough and stretch to something better – and make that little voice shut up, at least for awhile.

As we stare 2017 in the eyes, what are your plans to truly get unstuck?  If you feel and know deep down you can be better, what beliefs are keeping you back?  What are you going to do (you must take action) to live your deep down desires?  What opportunities are you going to raise your hand for instead of looking at your shoes when called upon?  Lastly, and MOST importantly, how are you encouraging your teams that you lead to do the same?

Let’s make 2017 our year to show the world our best gifts.  Let’s set sail – letting no anchors down this year.



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