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HPP specializes in helping companies of all sizes achieve operational excellence through a number of proven programs developed over the past twenty years.

Our proven approach focuses companies on ever-improving processes that are both tactical and practical assuring quick wins operationally and financially. Thousands of small, mid-sized and large companies have benefited from HPP’s mythology generating significant increases in efficiency and profitability in three, six and twelve months.

These quick wins bolster not only profits but employee engagement and morale. Accountability, a hallmark of well-run companies, increases leaps and bounds once the HPP Methodology is fully installed.

HPP’s programs uncover opportunities for revenue growth, expense reductions and process efficiencies that unlock the animal spirits of our clients companies. The resulting impact on these businesses is substantial and immediate while bolstering the confidence and conviction of management and staff alike. Simple, fast, practical and powerful, HPP’s Methodology empowers employees to take charge and own their results.

HPP’s Methodology foster an atmosphere of high expectation, high achievement and high productivity.


Stronger business models

Higher employee engagement

More efficient processes

New products & markets for growth


The Greatest Compliment To An Individual Is To Expect A Lot From Them

Personal responsibility

Conscious choice making

Feedback rich environment


Personal, professional, & financial growth

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What CLIENTS Are Saying

“Amanda is a passionate leader and a driving force for the procurement community and transformation. She understands the key drivers for the change management required to move our function into the future.”


Stephany Lapierre
CEO, tealbook

“An engaging thought-leader, Amanda is skilled and gifted in executing processes to advance procurement operations within any industry. She's a passionate collaborator whom I enjoyed working with.”

Kenyatta Lewis
Executive Director, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability
MGM Resorts International



“When you think about Amanda – the first word that comes to mind is DRIVE. She’s passionate, kind, and excited to partner with her clients to win! Amanda strives for win-win solutions for her partners and is always looking for ways to provide value for the greater good.”

Louise Finkenbinder
Sr. Director,
S&OP Refrigerated, Frozen, PPD, CANADA