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HPP TeamHPP was founded due to chance encounters and because of a mutual passion for supplier development in large Fortune 1000 corporations. Since that chance encounter HPP and the COSi Methodology have grown dramatically helping everyone from private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies to government agencies to where it all started with Fortune 1000 procurement department and their supply chain companies, and just about any size business or internal department, achieve operational excellence in weeks and months, not years and years.

John Mautner, Chairman of HPP, established the Cycle for Success Institute (COSi) and developed the COSi Methodology in 2001 with the vision of providing entrepreneurs with a fresh real world approach to business education. While there has been no shortage of business schools offering degrees, COSi’s unique curriculum was specifically developed to have an immediate positive impact on the performance of any organization. To this day, HPP uses the same methodology as COSi did to engage and inspire better performance from any company, business unit or department.

In 2017, Amanda Prochaska, President and CEO of HPP, met John while serving as the VP, Procurement PMO at MGM Resorts International. Like many Procurement organizations, MGM was seeking to increase value beyond just price negotiations. As a result, MGM decided to do things differently by engaging John to teach their suppliers management processes to run their business more effectively. This, in turn, allowed MGM to have better cost structures, higher quality, and more innovative solutions coming from their suppliers. Amanda thought it was too good to be true but it worked so well that she decided to partner with John to start HPP and take this simple solution to the rest of the Procurement industry and other industries looking for quick wins defined as high impact, low cost tactics.

The COSi Methodology is a markedly different approach to supercharging teams of people to attack any challenge, problem or opportunity with a process assuring those quick wins.

company leadership

Amanda Prochaska

Amanda Prochaska

President & CEO

Amanda has a passion for the success of Procurement organizations now and well into the future. She spent her 16-year Procurement career in various roles, from Sourcing to Procurement operations, to leading Procurement strategy and large scale transformational initiatives for various Fortune 500 companies. She serves on the ISM Thought Leadership Council as the Founding Chairman, on the ISM Conference Leadership Committee, is a well-known keynote speaker. She also writes for various Procurement industry publications, as well as her own blog, Procurement Unstuck – all in an effort to prepare Procurement professionals for future trends within Procurement. Not scared of challenges, she is now an entrepreneur and advisor to Procurement organizations globally.

John Mautner

John Mautner


John, who was the founder of Cycle-of-Success Institute (COSi), is a seasoned entrepreneur who has launched and built four successful companies in the past 20 years. Inc. Magazine named his first business as one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies. In 2001, John founded COSi with the intention of providing businesses with a practical business education program. Since then, COSi has educated and coached thousands of graduates in the Midwest. As a sign of appreciation for all that COSi has accomplished to grow businesses that grow communities, Governor Pat Quinn named March 16th “COSi Day” in the state of Illinois.


HPP contracts with experienced professionals who enjoy teaching and training in the business community.

HPP’s Business Performance Executives come from diverse business backgrounds and have extensive strategic and tactical planning expertise in corporate America. Our executives are dynamic presenters and have a passion for:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Procurement Industry Innovations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Leadership Development

Business Executive Coaches

How should a company resourcefully build their business? Speak with Greg to find out! Greg has spent a career spanning 20 years with an innovative mindset and a strategic execution strategy for top and bottom line results. Specializing in installing a problem solving team culture, your company builds profitability.

Located in Naperville, IL, Greg holds a degree in Business Management from Indiana University and has been an Executive with HPP since 2008.

Greg Huebner
Sr. Business Performance Executive
Motivational and energetic, Frank knows what it takes to build and sustain a business from the inside out. As an entrepreneur, author, and business coach, Frank’s passion is people and the methodology it takes for a company to succeed and grow.

Located in Boca Raton, FL, Frank holds a dual degree in Business Analysis and Creative Writing from Purdue University Northwest and has been an Executive with HPP since 2016.

Frank Lind
Sr. Business Performance Executive
Operations, sales, negotiations, and marketing; Scott has the knowledge and experience to support business growth from both the perspective of a business owner and a working corporate executive. Seeing people and their business grow to become the best they can be is at the core of how Scott leads business change.

Located in Pleasanton, CA, Scott holds a degree in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley and has been an Executive with HPP since 2017.

Scott McNerney
Sr. Business Performance Executive
As a certified Lean/Six Sigma Practitioner and Scrum Master, Peter has extensive experience within the manufacturing industry. With a focus on continuous improvement and strategic projects, Peter has lead corporations to save millions.

Located in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, Peter holds both a degree in Manufacturing Engineering from BYU and an MBA from the University of Nebraska and has been an Executive since 2019.

Peter Croshaw
Business Performance Executive
Back-end organization is key when orchestrating the needs of HPP Executives as they work with companies coast-to-coast. With an extreme talent for detail, and a passion for people, Jess makes the behind the scenes work of HPP’s daily operations look effortless.

Located in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, Jess holds a dual degree in both Mass Communications and Sociology from Iowa State University and has been a part of the HPP team since 2019.

Jess Croshaw
Director of Special Projects

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What People Say About Us

"This program has allowed me and my SVP to pull ourselves out of working IN the business to working ON the business"

Lisa Villareal
President, Lily Jack

“A system that not only improves sales and profits but, developed employees so everyone can make a positive difference.”

Victoria Rock – President
Victoria’s Court Reporting Service

“This program taught us tactics to maintain our high level of standards with such a high volume, and doing it on a consistent basis, which is keeping us on track for success.”

Rebecca Maridgian – Owner
Park Cleaners

“A game changing experience. Domeny Tool and Stamping now has the tools and confidence to make big things happen.”

Marge Domeny- President
Domeny Tool and Stamping

“A step by step journey that enabled Freedman Seating to be an efficient money making organization with consistent results. I normally do not make recommendations but, this outstanding program is well worth participating in and, it has paid for itself several times over.”

Greg Freedman- President
Freedman Seating Co.