From Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized small business, access to capital is key to successfully stabilizing, sustaining, and growing revenue and profits.

HPP Capital Services

In the case of mid-sized and smaller businesses dealing with the SBA, banks, and investors can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience oftentimes leading to an unsatisfactory result. The SBA, bankers, and investors speak a language wholly misunderstood by today’s business owners and entrepreneurs. Bankers and investors are in the business of lending to and making investments in businesses but struggle to communicate clearly and concisely how businesses must present themselves in any given lending or investing situation.

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Learn how you can take advantage of the SBA Disaster Business Loan.


Quick wins are about hitting your ROI target. At HPP, we understand that a Private Equity Sponsor has great pressure to provide strong returns in a short period of time. Through HPP’s methodology, expenses decrease no less than 10% with expected revenue increases of 15% or more.


HPP understands that Procurement professionals are being asked to do more, particularly to add more value well beyond cost. HPP delivers more value through robust supplier relationship strategies, creation of high performing suppliers, and through our operational excellence programs. Achieving expectations in Procurement today requires high performing suppliers and high performing, efficient teams.


Your customers are looking for value from their suppliers beyond competitive pricing. HPP is driven to make you achieve greater success and achieve stronger partnerships with your customers. HPP understands that it is often difficult to find time to work on your business versus in your business. To achieve your dreams faster, increase profitability, and become a lasting partner to your Fortune 500 clients, the time is now to focus on your business.


Government procurement professionals are often challenged when working with strategic suppliers. Chosen suppliers can be the only option in the marketplace for the specific goods and services they provide. At HPP, we recognize the risk of underperforming suppliers’ negative impact in the supply chain.