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There is no one-size-fits-all digital plan that works for all businesses online. Too often, growing companies do not scale their online presence to match their in-person needs. This lack of preparedness leads to missed opportunities when individuals and other businesses are looking for the types of services and products you offer.

HPP Digital Advantage is a different type of ‘marketing’ company. We prefer to call ourselves Digital Marketing Communication Specialists, who know how to get your message across. From web design to logos to LinkedIn to social and more, we build your digital communication plan to increase your sales, influence, and opportunities.

What is included in the above

Website design (NON e-commerce), linking Google Analytics
LinkedIn profile optimization – personal & company (The higher the level, the more individuals who can join the calls and participate in their LinkedIn optimization)
Google My Business registration, building out the profile, understanding the free analytics tools, posting, ability to run simple ads

How to use trade shows, networking, and conferences to your advantage online and in-person

Website upkeep

How to use your digital backend to increase the power of your sales team

LinkedIn prospecting, targeting, connecting, responding, posting, commenting, liking, sharing, influencing, supporting others

How to join your in-person network with your online presence


How to target networking groups and organizations to build your online presence


How to turn an online connection into a phone call/ in-person meeting


How to NOT waste time networking online and in-person in the wrong place

Answers to Your Questions


I’m contacted 10x a week by marketers trying to sell me a new website. How are you different?

It was great when you used to be able to hire a web designer, tell them what you wanted, and poof! Four weeks later you had a website that you thought you would never need to touch again.

Times have changed. Your customer base is now considered your audience – how are you best communicating with them? When they spend time on your site, do they feel that their needs are being met by the experience? HPP Digital Advantage becomes your partner in how to best develop your company image and brand online. We go beyond the website.

My company already has an internal marketing position, why would I need you?

HPP Digital Advantage acts as a continual digital growth strategist, accountability partner, and resource for your internal marketing professionals. Our goal is to make your team feel like a million bucks and look like rock stars.

We have many different people in our organization of different ages and mindsets on the usefulness of our online presence and social media. Can you help bridge the gap?

YES! We work to make sure that all stakeholders and team members become raving fans of how the digital realm can add value to your business. Unlike many consulting firms who are very good at telling you where you should be, HPP Digital Advantage does not act like a fairy godmother who waves a magic wand to create change. Through a teaching and learning methodology, even the biggest naysayer will be posting on their LinkedIn profile in no time.

This all sounds great, what is next?

We love to talk and get to know businesses. Please reach out so that we may connect and add as much value to your business as possible!

What People Say About Us


"Deb, has been an outstanding resource for my Digital Marketing and Social Networking efforts. From Branding to Marketing Strategy to Digital and Social Networking expertise, Deb has tons of experience and knowledge in these areas. She has a unique model for helping advise and guide her clients to increase their marketing presence efficiently and effectively. Deb is always upbeat, a great person to deal with, and always willing to go above and beyond for her clients. If you are trying to figure out why your business is not growing as fast as you would like, Deb can absolutely help get you moving in the right direction. I would give Deb my highest recommendation for companies looking to improve their social, marketing, and digital networking efforts to materially grow their business."

Mike Cargiulo
MJC Sourcing

The Leadership Team

Hi, I’m Amanda!

As President and CEO of HPP, we cross paths with thousands of businesses who support our Fortune 500 clients. Time and time again, we see companies who have terrific people, a tremendous product, but then are underrepresented online with a lackluster digital presence. So much more is possible!

The desire to help businesses fill their digital gap is why we bring to you HPP Digital Advantage. Reach out today to learn more about how you and your business can grow.

Amanda Prochaska
President & CEO


Deb Colitas
Digital Marketing Director


Hi, I’m Deb!

Upwards of 73% of all of our decisions are now influenced by online content. What car will I buy? Who has the best sale on the dress I like? Where are we going for dinner?

Consumers, and B2B opportunities, expect a working relationship with you and your company. As a Digital Communications Specialist, and serial entrepreneur, I love working with businesses and their leadership to influence a digital shift in strategy. I push authenticity in a digital world that allows in-person and online relationships to create more business growth opportunities.