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The Psychology of Buying | HPP Coach

The Psychology of Buying

Date: September 19, 2019
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: 425 W Randolph Avenue, Chicago, IL 60606
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Why do we buy what we buy? What subconscious motivations drive our choices? How much do outside influences manipulate our thought processes?

Consider your most recent vehicle purchase: Was it an eco-friendly, head turning new Tesla? Perhaps it was a used 1969 Volkswagon van that rekindled your hippie days of yore. Maybe you bought that sturdy, pragmatic pickup truck to help you on your many excursions of work and play.

Color? Horse power? Sound system? Leather seats? Rims? Four wheel drive?

What makes a sourcing professional say “yes” to one vendor and “no” to another? How do stakeholders determine which suppliers to work with and which ones to pass over? Why are procurement leaders wary of tech vendors and consultants?

Cost? Quality? Reliability? Sustainability? Diversity? Values?

Our erudite panelists will dig deep into their collective subcortexes to reveal their subliminal motivations for buying what they buy. If their cortexes are working properly, they will also share their secrets for finding the perfect vendors for the appropriate procurement categories. And, yes, each member promises to reveal the make and model of his/her most recent vehicle purchase.