Revenue Recovery Program

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When in preparation for the exit of an entrepreneur from his or her company, an orchestrated approach is taken to maximize the enterprise value while preserving the integrity of all things great within the organization. HPP’s oversight allows for seamless succession, family involvement, proper valuations, mergers, and/or acquisition.

Accessing capital

HPP intimately understands the unique underwriting and due diligence standards of banking and investment institutions. HPP offers a range of services that prepare businesses to successfully interact with the banking and investment community.

Increasing Profitability

HPP digs deep into cost-saving behaviors paired with revenue boosting opportunities for your company. Full engagement by all involved allows a practical and tactical approach to be taken when increasing profitability.


Taking a holistic, bottom-up approach to your business, HPP engages the people closest to the work to provide fresh eyes to your business. Engagement is energized to identify opportunities and install scaling opportunities with ease.

Increasing Value

HPP delivers value through robust business relationship strategies and leading our clients through our operational excellence programs. HPP is driven to make you achieve greater success and achieve stronger partnerships with your customers.


HPP takes a multifaceted approach to alieving financial distress within your business’s operations. Working with those closest to the problem allows all involved to gain ownership of the needed solutions. Improving and restoring company liquidity is top priority for your business to continue its operations.  .


Specializing in helping companies of all sizes achieve operational excellence, HPP’s methodology uncovers opportunities for revenue growth, expense reduction, and process efficiencies. We are business advisors and coaches who tell you the truth to bring you the right solutions, for the right needs, at the right times for your business.