Government Procurement Professionals

Government procurement professionals are often challenged when working with strategic suppliers. Chosen suppliers can be the only option in the marketplace for the specific goods and services they provide. At HPP, we recognize the risk of underperforming suppliers’ negative impact in the supply chain

When partnering with HPP, Government Procurement organizations achieve operational excellence within their supply base. In offering a sophisticated but straightforward approach to helping professionalize the management processes of important service and product providers, HPP teaches your suppliers how to focus on their business strategies for the long-term success and health of their companies

When suppliers are performing at their best, Procurement organizations see reduced delivery times and quality issues and increased innovation from their suppliers. HPP offers a number of programs for suppliers of all employee sizes and revenue ranges.

Are you stuck with underperforming suppliers?

By leveraging the knowledge of suppliers’ human capital, problems and challenges that proceed realizing any opportunity are worked through quickly and efficiently.

HPP’s methodology installs a process for tackling any problem or challenge and realizing the underlying opportunity that carries on long after this year long program concludes

The results astonish most procurement professionals given how quickly and efficiently suppliers’ poor performance transforms into a reliable, high quality, innovative relationship – allowing you to focus on more added value activities.

Are you trying to reduce your supply chain risk?

Through developing suppliers as reliable partners, supply chain risk is reduced
Additionally, since their management processes are rigorous, suppliers are more likely to provide an early warning of any risks in their relationship with you.

Are you looking for new solutions from existing suppliers?

HPP inspires suppliers to innovate new ways to manage their businesses and offer new and different products and services by teaching tactical tools to continually be thinking and implementing solutions they could be providing to their customers.

Top performing suppliers hit plateaus in their ability to think differently about their businesses. HPP guides owners and employees how to break through to a higher level of innovation.