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HPP empowers businesses to maximize their ability to save and sell utilizing Amazon Business. Leverage an HPP expert to accelerate your organization’s Amazon Business adoption with a custom transformation plan.

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Specializing in helping companies of all sizes achieve operational excellence, HPP’s methodology uncovers opportunities for revenue growth, expense reduction, and process efficiencies. We are business advisors and coaches who tell you the truth to bring you the right solutions, for the right needs, at the right times for your business.

In partnering with Amazon Business, HPP brings together practical and tactical business solutions to obtain quick and sustainable wins utilizing the Amazon Business platform in your business.

Accessing Capital

Dealing with banks and investors can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience, oftentimes leading to an unsatisfactory result. HPP Capital Services’s focus is to prepare your business to successfully interact with banking and investment opportunities.

Exit Planning

Uniquely empower cross-unit services through diverse opportunities. Competently parallel task B2B methodologies whereas value-added relationships. Enthusiastically parallel task collaborative mindshare through granular niche markets.

Increasing Value

HPP delivers value through robust business relationship strategies and leading our clients through our operational excellence programs. HPP is driven to make you achieve greater success and achieve stronger partnerships with your customers.


Taking a holistic, bottom-up approach to your business, HPP engages the people closest to the work to provide fresh eyes to your business. Engagement is energized to identify opportunities and install scaling opportunities with ease.

Accelerating Your Business Goals.
Partnering In Growth, Savings, Purchasing, And Sales.

Purchasing Power on Amazon Business

HPP works with you to identify cost saving opportunities already existing within your business’s spend and procurement process. Through an extensive and thorough opportunity assessment, immediate savings can be realized upwards of 17%.

In collaboration with Amazon Business, HPP’s methodology promotes increasing profitability and value as you utilize the platform. HPP maximizes your operational effectiveness by engaging with all individuals closest to your spending dollars.

Selling Impact on Amazon Business

Selling on Amazon Business means that you have direct access to a $10 Billion dollar B2B marketplace. Do you know where to get started? Do you know how to grow?

HPP’s exclusive relationship collaborating with Amazon Business provides your company with inside knowledge on best practices for product listings, Fulfillment, Sponsored Products, and other Amazon Business features. HPP looks beyond your balance sheet to increase profitability and scale your business.












Spend Analysis

What Can HPP & Amazon Do For You

HPP empowers your organization to utilize Amazon Business to its fullest. As a first time user, or business seeking to ‘power up’ its buy/sell supply chain, HPP provides fresh eyes to energize the engagement needed to fully embrace opportunity and growth.

Buy for Savings

Business only pricing, bulk discounts, and superior control over corporate expenses.

Sell for Growth

Tax exemption, exclusive business-only offers, and claim certifications to stand out.

HPP Solution Installation

We match your organization’s needs with the right advantages available through Amazon Business.


“This program has allowed me and my SVP to pull ourselves out of working IN the business to working ON the business”

Lisa Villareal,
President, Lily Jack

“A system that not only improves sales and profits but, developed employees so everyone can make a positive difference.”

Victoria Rock – President
Victoria’s Court Reporting Service

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