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Dear fellow Business Owners & Leaders,


I already like you. You have already decided to click around this site to learn more. That takes courage, a willingness to change, and a readiness to explore new opportunities. After a career in the Fortune 500 business world and becoming a business owner myself, here is what I realized. Success only comes through taking interpersonal risks. And that, my friend, is what HPP offers you.

My story is one of adventure. Within the corporate world, I took new roles, new job opportunities, and took on projects to explore the unknown. By the time my daughter was 10, she had moved 10 times. Not because we are nomadic, but because there is a whole world out there to explore. When I was 36, I decided to walk away from a Vice President role, my dream role, at MGM Resorts International to join the adventurous world of entrepreneurship. At the time, I thought the risk of starting a new company was financial. It was not. It is not for you either. The risk is not taking enough interpersonal risk to continue to transform yourself, your company, and to continue to expand your horizons. You would not be here today if you did not already take some interpersonal risks, like being told “no” over and over until you get a yes. But I bet you are ready for more.

Amanda Prochaska
CEO & Founder

Energistically promote premium leadership and best-of-breed methods of empowerment.

HPP was started because I firmly believe that you do not need to take on your latest adventure alone. Between the solutions we offer and our robust partnerships, we are here for you. We are here to listen, share, and to tackle your greatest aspirations. Are you ready for this adventure?

We Believe in You

We have high expectations for everyone we engage with, as high expectations are the best compliment anyone can give. Through the proper support, advice, and solutions, you cannot only achieve your dreams, but you can get to those dreams faster.

Our support and advice are deeply rooted in our values. We will share and install these values into your business.

What You Need


We offer practical and tactical solutions for quick and sustainable wins at every stage of your business. At all stages, we deploy our operational effectiveness methodology. Our proprietary methodology leverages the fresh eyes of your teams. We coach your teams to identify and to successfully install improvements to your business, resulting in highly engaged, high performing teams.

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Procurement organizations and their suppliers

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Amanda Prochaska

Amanda Prochaska

President & CEO

Amanda has a passion for the success of Procurement organizations now and well into the future. She spent her 16-year Procurement career in various roles, from Sourcing to Procurement operations, to leading Procurement strategy and large scale transformational initiatives for various Fortune 500 companies. She serves on the ISM Thought Leadership Council as the Founding Chairman, on the ISM Conference Leadership Committee, is a well-known keynote speaker. She also writes for various Procurement industry publications, as well as her own blog, Procurement Unstuck – all in an effort to prepare Procurement professionals for future trends within Procurement. Not scared of challenges, she is now an entrepreneur and advisor to Procurement organizations globally.



HPP contracts with experienced professionals who enjoy teaching and training in the business community.

HPP’s Business Performance Executives come from diverse business backgrounds and have extensive strategic and tactical planning expertise in corporate America. Our executives are dynamic presenters and have a passion for:

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Procurement Industry Innovations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Leadership Development