Private equity

HPP specializes in helping Private Equity firms (PE) realize their Return On Investment (ROI) targets in their portfolio companies by quickly identifying and realizing a substantial number of quick wins defined as high impact, low cost tactics. HPP’s proprietary program takes cross-functional teams through a process designed to ensure that expense management and revenue creation are a focus of every employee every day.

Private Equity firms search for companies that will return 3-5 times their initial investment and HPP can help achieve these results faster and with better employee retention and morale. Process, collaboration and accountability are the keys to realizing the ROIs PE firms desire. HPP brings these factors all together.


Are you a private equity fund that has made an investment in a portfolio company that needs quicks wins?

By leveraging the knowledge of the portfolio company’s human capital, the problems and challenges that proceed realizing any opportunity are worked through quickly and efficiently. HPP’s methodology brings together a combination of opportunity identification, process mapping, collaboration and accountability that invigorates and energizes every employee in the company. HPP’s methodology installs a process for tackling any problem or challenge and realizing the underlying opportunity that carries on long after this year long program concludes. The results astonish most CEOs and ownership groups given how quickly and efficiently teams of employees work together in enhancing profitability.

Are you a company in whom a private equity sponsor recently made an investment and you find yourself under great pressure to perform?

At a time when the employee group may have doubts and fears about what may change under new ownership, HPP’s program reinforces the fact that there is an alignment of interests in both the employees and the PE firm wanting to grow the company’s profitability ensuring more career opportunities and rewards for all those involved. This year long program has historically uncovered millions of dollars of quick operational and financial wins and realized them in literally months. This largely tactical methodology focuses on unlocking the animal spirits in the employee group while lifting morale and accountability.