Business Recovery Program

Specializing In Guiding Businesses In Disaster Business Loan Applications

HPP Capital Services is here to guide you through this crisis now and through recovery.


The continued changes being made within the SBA on available funding options for small businesses is ever changing as our country, and the world, is impacted by COVID-19. While each day’s information may be uncertain, HPP’s commitment to you and what is best for your business is unwavering.

HPP Capital Services is taking a different approach in how to support businesses – we only will tell the truth. A SBA lender will push you towards the Paycheck Protection Program, because this is where they will make money. A business advisor may lead you to the EIDL program for the ‘quick and easy’ $10,000 of emergency funding… HPP Capital Services works in a practical and tactical manner to quickly understand your business’s needs to make the proper recommendation for funding.

HPP Capital Services works with you to answer these questions and more:

  1. Which of the two SBA programs (Economic Injury Disaster Loan or Paycheck Protection Program) is right for your company?
  2. What documentation must my company provide to support any subsequent questions from the SBA or my banking institution?
  3. What is my company likely to receive from either program?
  4. Am I assured of loan forgiveness in the Paycheck Protection Program?

With guidance and clarity on all aspects of the program and your needs, HPP Capital Services works for you.

We understand there is an urgency for most business owners today. Therefore, if you are interested in our Recovery Program, our services for reviewing, recommending, and advising on either program is $750. Once your fee is paid, we will provide you the key questions so we can quickly apply to the correct program.

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Business Recovery Program

Up to $2 million in funds may be available for your business to provide the safety net needed to continue in business after the coronavirus has subsided. While potentially life changing, the application process can be daunting, stressful, and overwhelming.

As part of HPP Capital Services, the HPP Business Recovery Program is here to assist you to collect all required documentation, organize needed financials and tax documents, and advise in the Disaster Business Loan Application.

In times of financial crisis, you need to focus on your business. Allow HPP to focus on the paperwork to get you the needed capital.