Revenue Recovery Program

HPP specializes in working with businesses who seek to recover faster and stronger from the COVID-19 global pandemic. HPP brings the needed tools and skillset to you and your team immediately.

HPP’s Revenue Recovery is specifically built for businesses who were experiencing growth and success prior to the coronavirus shutdown and now need to reboot their direction, focus, and momentum.

Benefits of this Program

Increase Revenue

Reduce Cost Structure

Provide Financial Guidance

Facilitate Team Turn-A-Round

New realities

The HPP Revenue Recovery program focuses on enabling businesses to thrive within the new realities of the economic environment post COVID-19.

  • ZRevenue generation opportunities and the need for agile sources of revenue
  • ZUnexpected debt occurred during the crisis and how to structure capital for growth
  • ZThe need for revised long-term strategies
  • ZReaching new markets, through digital marketing, social media presence, and ecommerce
  • ZThe flexibility for work to occur remotely, needed technology enhancements, and reduce cybersecurity risks

HPP Revenue Recovery core program

Geared to identify practical and tactical revenue opportunities providing immediate results:

  • $Opportunity identification for sources of revenue
  • $Online/ecommerce opportunity assessment
  • $Market positioning review to reassess strengths and weaknesses
  • $Inventory optimization

Leveraging capital and debt to position for growth.

  • $Debt structure review
  • ^Optimization of rates
  • ^Banking relationship assessment
  • ^Capital deployment strategies
  • ^Capital for growth strategies
  • ^Return on capital review
  • $Industry benchmark to compare your business against peers

Identifying where previous business and organizational strategies might not continue to be effective for future results.

  • $Assessing overall organizational resiliency
  • $Review previous strategies and developing revisions where necessary
  • $Creation of plan to engage and increase morale, while describing new plan to employees

Digital Marketing

Accessing new markets, sharing thought leadership, and creating new leads through
digital marketing and a social media presence.

  • Assess your brand’s digital leadership within social media and your website
  • Develop authentic connections with your audience to increase sales, influence, and opportunity
  • Step beyond the comfort zone of how to interact online to build a following that you can activate

Digital Foundations

Preparing for current and future needs for technology and cybersecurity requirements.

  • Overall technology assessment for new digital demands
  • Assessing remote work technologies for short term and long-term needs
  • Understanding and closing cybersecurity risks