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What methods for procurement success do you have in your toolbox?

This is what HPP is all about – teaching you the right, straightforward tools and techniques to accomplish and sustain your goals.

Supplier Development
Using an award-winning methodology (COSi), we become an extension of your team by guiding your small & mid-sized suppliers through a high-performance program.
HPP’s 1-day bootcamp is designed for small suppliers (5-20 employees) & 12-month program is tailored for mid-sized suppliers (20-500 employees).
As an example, HPP has partnered with Cycle of Success ( to coach mid-sized suppliers through a 12-month program, or smaller suppliers during a 1-day boot camp, which are both based on a powerful combination of management best practices and workplace engagement techniques. With the power of the Cycle of Success, we become an extension to Procurement organizations, focusing on coaching their mid and small-sized suppliers to success.
Best of all, this program is simple, effective, and low investment. In fact, since 2001, Cycle of Success has developed over 4000 suppliers in a wide array of industries and has helped many Fortune 500 companies get the best performance from their suppliers. I would love for you to learn more, check out
In 2018, 77% of CPOs considered the alignment of procurement skills and talent with changing business needs to be of “high” or “critical” importance.
According to a 2019 Hacket Talent Study, 83% of the critical skills needed in Procurement are business skills.
Are your talent strategies aligned to this need? Are your training programs focused on technical skills only? Are your job descriptions mostly focused on technical skills?
HPP helps you develop comprehensive talent strategies to successfully transition your teams into the digital era – specific to the needs of Procurement.
We help you assess recruiting practices, talent pipeline, operating model, organizational structure, training requirements, and capability matrices to develop a comprehensive talent strategy.
We also provide resources to help your teams build their soft skills through coaching, training, and feedback.
Soft skills which are important to Procurement – creative, (tech-enabled) problem solving, influencing skills, building trusted relationships, data analytics, end to end understanding of company, industry, and suppliers, effective communication, curiosity, grit, project management
Digital Transformation/Landscape
95% of CPOs believe digital transformation will change procurement in 2-3 years; 89% don’t believe they have the capability to make it happen.
HPP focuses on guiding organizations through the process of developing a digital roadmap and coaches leadership through the change.
Over three days, we will:

  • Assess actual state – During this step, we gather feedback from a cross-functional group of people within the process and define the problem statement. We also define a detailed actual state process flow.
  • Defect-free state – We identify how the process would work without the defects (rework, poor process design, bottlenecks).
  • Fully-enabled state – We think blue field about how the process would function with optimal organizational structure, technology, etc in a world where there were limitless investments and no constraints.
  • Prioritize & roadmap – Taking all the ideas and feedback, we will prioritize, determine the timing for the improvements, and KPIs to measure for success.
We stay by the leadership team’s side as an advisor and coach focusing on change management, communications, and other leadership needs during a time of change.

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