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Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Excellence
Supplier Excellence
Procurement Excellence
Procurement Excellence

Improving through process

Corporate Procurement organizations partner with HPP to achieve operational excellence within their organizations and their supply base. When using HPP’s proprietary program, cultures are created that focus on process efficiencies, customer service, and expense reductions

Supplier Relationship Management

Suppliers possess value and capabilities that are largely untapped. HPP designs and implements supplier relationship management strategies to leverage the vast capabilities of your suppliers.

Suppliers are segmented based on:

High Potential


High Performance


Needs Improvement


Those at Risk

HPP creates programs to engage suppliers differently through our supplier excellence programs to truly improve overall performance.

Why does developing your suppliers matter?

Constant and combatant price negotiationsLower costs structures from developing more efficient suppliers
Problem solving and innovation limited by corporate cultureInnovation and problem solving driven by suppliers’ top management talent
Modest and transactional supplier relationshipsRisk reduction through stronger supplier partnerships
Constant fire fighting of supply management and quality issuesSuperior supplier performance and quality
Internally focused value proposition constrained by short term corporate objectivesImproving communities through corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Supplier Excellence

HPP offers a sophisticated but straightforward approach for small, medium, and large-sized businesses:

  • Professionalize management processes HPP
  • Teaches your suppliers how to focus on their business strategies for the long term success and the health of their companies
  • Promote understanding in how to work effectively with you
  • Emphasize how your strategies are important to the supplier’s overall success

Procurement Excellence

Procurement organizations are going through large scale transformations, including the implementation of technologies. HPP specializes in ensuring that you achieve expected ROIs from these transformational investments.

HPP teaches your teams how to execute flawlessly and improve process efficiencies through embedding simple tools and techniques into day to day operations.

Are you a procurement professional looking to improve your internal operations and/or looking to improve your supply chain performance?

Internal Operations

By leveraging the knowledge of the Procurement organizations’ human capital, the problems and challenges that proceed realizing any opportunity are worked through quickly and efficiently.

Holistic Lifecycle of a Business Owner

Solutions For Every Business Owner

HPP's methodology results astonish most CPOs and internal stakeholders given how quickly and efficiently teams of employees work together to operate efficiently.

Are you investing in digital technologies to improve your operations and are not seeing the proper return on investment?

Digital Implementations

Implementing technologies to enhance automation and provide more visibility to data is expensive and a change management challenge. Unfortunately, ROIs of many of these implementations are not being met. HPP’s programs are tailored to quickly realize your ROI by quickly identifying and realizing a substantial number of quick wins defined as high impact, low cost tactics.

Process, collaboration and accountability are the keys to realizing the ROIs Procurement organizations desire.

Are you being asked to look beyond price and provide value to your organization through your supplier relationships?

Supplier Value

HPP creates better suppliers. Through HPP’s supplier development programs, you increase the reliability, sustainability, and scalability of the businesses within their supply chains. By working directly with your suppliers, HPP helps install systems and processes that give these important businesses the tools to grow and adapt as the needs of their large corporate partners change.

HPP establishes business practices that ensure growing operational and financial success with limited investment on your part.

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Frequently ASKED Questions


Effective supplier development programs can make you a customer of choice resulting in greater value achieved, more supplier innovation, access to suppliers’ most talented team members and reduced risk.


Suppliers are selected based on your procurement strategies and objectives ranging from diversity program enhancements, innovative strategies and increasing overall performance quality. HPP’s objective is to help your reach your goals for managing your suppliers.


As the procurement organization, you invite suppliers to regularly scheduled,
5-star rated breakfasts and bootcamps. We do the rest, including cleansing data for invitees, invites, coaching materials and monthly updates to you.


HPP coaches suppliers in all industries ranging in size from as small as less than 30 employees to businesses with hundreds of employees and wide revenue ranges.


These programs are funded by each supplier who chooses to enroll in the program that fits their needs. HPP program fees are based on a combination of employee count and revenue ranges.

Industry Facts

Procurement organizations who are invested in their suppliers’ success are 27x more likely to get suppliers’ best talent assigned to your account; resulting in more innovative solutions to your largest business problems. - Vantage Partners, SRM Best Practices & Benchmark Study, 2018

Customers of Choice are 17x more likely to be notified by their suppliers at the first sign of risk or trouble. - Vantage Partners, SRM Best Practices & Benchmark Study, 2018

Through stronger, trusting relationships, Procurement can achieve 2x as much value from their suppliers. - Vantage Partners, SRM Best Practices & Benchmark Study, 2018

70% of Procurement leaders indicated that achieving more value from their suppliers is their #1 tactic for adding value. -Gartner SCM World Future of Supply Chain Survey 2018

74% of Procurement leaders acknowledge the importance of obtaining value from suppliers; but 51% have low to moderate capabilities to meet this objective - The Hackett Group, CPO Agenda 2018