Suppliers Winning By Become Bigger and Better Businesses

Your Fortune 500 customers are looking for value from their suppliers beyond just competitive pricing. They have an expectation that you can:


Offer creative solutions to their biggest business problems.


Provide top industry talent and expertise that not only understands how these large companies operate, but how to work in partnership with them.


Grow with them into new markets and add capacity to meet their needs.


Propose new innovative products and services in support of their strategies.


Have top notch performance daily, but also be able to meet their needs as their businesses change.

After helping over 4000 suppliers like you face these expectations, HPP understands that it is often difficult to find time to work on the business versus in the business. To achieve your dreams faster, increase profitability, and become a lasting partner to your Fortune 500 clients, the time is now to focus on your business.

HPP’s expert guidance will set you apart from your competition and dramatically increase your revenue.

Our expert coaches will be with you through this journey:  

  • Professionalize your management process
  • Enhance manager and employee accountability
  • Help you understand how to manage growing your business operationally and financially
  • Assist you in learning about tools and methods for retaining and attracting top talent
  • Help transform your culture into one that is focused on constant improvement
  • Install systems and processes allowing you to become more efficient and profitable
  • Help focus you on working more effectively with your clients

HPP’s coaching methodology has helped over 4000 suppliers since 2001. The suppliers HPP has worked with have added significant additional value to their businesses. HPP is driven to make you achieve greater success and achieve stronger partnerships with your customers.

Let’s get to work.


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What People Say About Us

"This program has allowed me and my SVP to pull ourselves out of working IN the business to working ON the business"

Lisa Villareal
President, Lily Jack

“A system that not only improves sales and profits but, developed employees so everyone can make a positive difference.”

Victoria Rock – President
Victoria’s Court Reporting Service

“This program taught us tactics to maintain our high level of standards with such a high volume, and doing it on a consistent basis, which is keeping us on track for success.”

Rebecca Maridgian – Owner
Park Cleaners, MGM Supplier

“A game changing experience. Domeny Tool and Stamping now has the tools and confidence to make big things happen.”

Marge Domeny- President
Domeny Tool and Stamping

“A step by step journey that enabled Freedman Seating to be an efficient money making organization with consistent results. I normally do not make recommendations but, this outstanding program is well worth participating in and, it has paid for itself several times over.”

Greg Freedman- President
Freedman Seating Co.